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9 Super Helpful Secrets!

Let me tell you, some soon-to-be brides are really on top of their game.  They show up to consultations with pictures, color palette examples, and carefully thought out notes.  Some even bring in printouts of their Pinterest boards!  They know exactly what they are looking for.

For others, the planning process can be stressful and difficult.  I hear you!  Planning your wedding is a big freaking deal, and with so many options out there it can be hard to narrow down your exact taste.

I read an amazing article the other day with some VERY helpful and insightful tips from Rock ‘N’ Roll Florist via!  Jeff Leatham really knows what he’s talking about!

#1 When working with your florist, close your eyes and describe the wedding of your dreams.  Tell us exactly what you want!  Don’t hold back! Our job is to make your dreams come true.

#2 Dare to use color.

A lot of brides go for the soft-palette/white/neutral wedding florals.  Mix it up!  Add a splash of color or two! Be bold.

#3 Don’t choose a bouquet that overshadows your wedding dress.

It’s your day.  When you’re walking down the aisle you want you and your gorgeous dress to shine, not some overbearing bouquet! Choose a more understated bouquet, and go all out with some of the other florals.

#4 Stick to just three flower types.

I know this one is difficult.  There are so many options out there!  Stick to three to keep the pieces timeless, and not too busy.

#5 Incorporate a flower of the season.

Try finding one bloom that’s in season.  This will help you save a few bucks, and showcase the season!

#6 Surprise guests with different color palettes for each portion of the event.

I really like this idea! Why not?! This way, you don’t have to stick to just one color palette. Ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party….think of all the possibilities!  Perfect for those indecisive brides!

#7 If you’re decorating 10 tables or more, use at least two different centerpiece styles.

Even if the pieces are breathtaking, in a big room like that it can get a little boring. Make the room interesting!

#8 Candles add sexiness to any reception table.

Make sure your venue permits open flames first!

#9 Pop the heads off inexpensive roses and float them in water to create drama on a dime.  Easy and efficient.

Check out the full article at:


Happy almost Independence Day folks!  Stay safe out there!



Love is in the air…

Today, I want to share something fun….and cute…hmm…how about engagement photo shoots?!  Those are always fun and cute! 

From the simple and elegant, to the themed and funky- you can really show off your personality with these!  I love the carnival-themed pics…

You can really get your creative juices flowing by incorporating the save-the-date into the photo itself.  I’ve noticed a lot of brides go with the whole written-on-the-bottom-of-the-shoes-bit. 

What do you think would make your engagement photo shoot absolutely perfect?  The setting? The theme?

Here are a few pics for inspiration: 


The Notebook-inspired shoot…


Image Image



Location, location, location!


Oh man, this next one is too freaking cute…..ugh….


Paint battle! 


Happy Thursday!




Let us all take a moment and appreciate that.  

Ok, who has amazing weekend plans?  Anybody?  Who is going to chill out and slowly induce themselves in a Netflix coma?  *shamefully raises hand* 

No judgment.  Any who, I have found some pretty cool things this past week on the interwebs.  Take a look!

The Secret Sandwich Society

The Secret Sandwich Society is a new non-profit organization here in ClarkCounty that helps feed the homeless Las Vegas.  Every week they meet up, make sandwiches, and deliver them to the needy.  How cool is that?  If you would like to help out -they are taking donations!  Every penny counts!

$10 will donate approx. 11 sandwiches

$25 will donate approx. 28 sandwiches

$100 will donate appox. 113 sandwiches

Link to donate:

If you are interested in volunteering, please send them a message on their Facebook page:

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ them as well!


Diamond Candles

So, I was on Pinterest the other day. (What else is new?!) I know, but I came across a pin that has made my gift-giving so much easier.  Have you ever had trouble finding a gift for a female co-worker, friend, etc.?  I do all the time.  I want it to be nice and not so run-of-the-mill.  That’s where Diamond Candles come in and save the day! I know what you’re thinking: “It’s just a candle…really?” Yes, really.  These particular candles come with a little extra something inside.  Each soy candle contains a ring that’s either worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000.  The candle itself is $24.95.  Can you imagine if you actually got the lucky $5,000 ring?!?  I love the idea of giving these candles as gifts!  It’s unique, and what girl wouldn’t like a pretty new (and possibly pricey) ring? 

Here’s their link:


The Cookie Bar                                       

Heard about these guys a few weeks back, but I have to gab about them right now.  The Cookie Bar is a local business that specializes in alcohol- infused cookies.  Wow-za! They have delicious treats like the Pina Colada Cookie, Cinnamon Cider Snickerdoodles, and White Russian Cookies.  YUM.  I can’t wait to try them. They also offer non alcoholic cookies and treats.  You can order them online at: .  


Have a great weekend!


Cute or tacky?

Calling out to all my fellow Pinsters! (aka…Pinterest Gangsters)

I too, am guilty of obsessively pinning for hours on in.  I love love love it.  Pinterest is such an amazing and reliable source when it comes to just about everything, but it is especially helpful when it comes to planning your wedding.  Have you looked in the wedding category yet?  It’s phenomenal!  I feel bad for all the brides that had to plan their big days without it.  There are endless DIY wedding projects, plus every idea under the sun to help inspire you and make your wedding perfect. 

Okay, so every now and then I like to play a game while scrolling. It’s called, “When it stops being cute and starts becoming tacky”.  Of course we all have different tastes. That’s what makes planning a wedding so much fun: customizing it. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between cute and tacky that a lot of brides cross unknowingly. 

Here are a few pins I’ve seen that make me think…. “Ehh, that’s a tad tacky”.

  1:  White Christmas lights strung with mason jars wired in. Sigh. I’m a huge fan of white lights, trust me. I use them every opportunity I get, but THIS? The mason jars can work with a lot of settings, but randomly hanging from the lights, then having said lights shoved in looks…. messy.  There is plenty you can do with both elements, but this option just isnt working for anyone. 


2:  Unmatching centerpieces.  I know creating a centerpiece to match your theme can be tricky.  You have many options, and can even have varying centerpieces throughout your reception. But please, oh please don’t put the two different pieces on the same table.  It looks uncoordinated.


3.  Painted people on wine/champagne glasses. Ugh. I’m sorry, this is just my personal opinion-but I hate this.  Hate. Especially the creepy 3-D boobs…yeah take a good hard look…the glasses have boobs! I get wanting to personalize.  Personalizing is cute! Oh dear, not like this though, not like this.  


What do you think crosses the cute/tacky line? Is there something that makes you shiver with ‘oh noooooo she didn’t’?  Tell me about it!

Until next time, keep on pinning you lovely Pinsters you!

Thoughts from a sneezing fool….

It’s official.  Spring is here!  Can you feel it in your sinuses?? I sure can.  Ugh.  The ability to wear cute little cotton dresses without freezing my tush off is nice, but COME ON.  I know that no amount of scowling at the blooming trees (aka: the enemy!) as I drive by them is going to make my allergies cease, but it helps me feel better. 




Some exciting stuff has been happening around here!  Right now we are getting ready for tomorrow’s bridal show: Veils, Tails, and Cocktails at the gorgeous Aria Resort.  Ahh! Our theme is…..*****drum roll*******…. A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream! Ta-da.  Make sure you come down and see us tomorrow! 


Recently, we also won Desert Companion’s 2013 ‘Best of the City’ choice for florist! (Ah, shucks guys- you shouldn’t have! *wink*)  We love you guys.


Also, we currently have a bet going on with our delivery driver, Tom, about the outcome of the NCAA championship.  Tom vs. the fairies.  Yes, he is betting all of us at once!  Hopefully the odds are in our favor!


More news coming soon….



Spring is almost here people!

Happy Monday lovelies!

Can you believe it’s already March?    

Spring is right around the corner!  Anybody out there planning a gorgeous spring wedding?  If you are, you’re in luck.  Spring is an amazing season that gives you a large option of beautiful flowers. What exactly is in season you ask? Well for starters there is freesia! Oh my, that particular flower is extremely intoxicating.  I love it a little too much.  There is also ranunculus, with its super cute little petals that never seem to cease.  You can get ranunculus in a variety of colors.  (*cough*-the orange ones, go with orange ones- *cough*) They’re spectacular.

Other spring-time flowers:                  

                           -Alstromeria (gives you fun pops of color)


                           -Calla Lilies (very classy and upscale)

                           -Cornflower (not used very often, but a nice blue choice!)

                           -Delphinium (love this, love this, love this)  

                           -Gerbera Daisies (comes in hot colors and always a crowd pleaser)

                           -Hydrangea (a nice full flower that gives you a great base)

                           -Iris (can come in either blue or purple)

                           -Casablanca Lilies (very large and breathtaking.)


                           -Lisianthus (looks like a frilly rose, very beautiful)

                           -Scabiosa (OMG if you use this then you are the coolest person ever)


                           -Snap Dragons (obviously an awesome flower with that name)

                           -Sunflowers (ah yes, no explanation needed)

                           -Tulips (pretty much the first flower you think of for spring)

Spring gives you so many pretty colors and textures to work with.  Don’t limit yourself to the standard “18 red rose bridal bouquet”.  Experiment! Go crazy! Have a green cymbidium orchid bouquet? Add some monkey tail to mix it up!  Add a hot accent color somewhere in your centerpieces.  Just have fun with it! 




So it seems we survived the so-called ‘apocalypse’ that was supposed to take place over a week ago.  Hooray!  The world is still spinning.  For all you that were prepared like true boy/girl scouts for the zombie takeover you’re probably thinking…now what?

I’ll tell you what, its time to celebrate!  It’s an entirely new year!  I love New Year’s Eve, in fact it’s my favorite holiday.  For one night, there is a unified sense of hope.  In some cases, its false hope-but that’s not the point.  Night approaches and we get all dolled up to go out to some grand party-or we get comfortable in a great pair of sweatpants and set up in front of the T.V to watch the festivities from the comfort of our living rooms.  Either way, there is a nagging little thought that is present in your mind: can this be the best year yet?  Every one has resolutions, whether you want to admit them or not.  What do you want to do or change in your life to make it better?  Do you want to lose weight?  Finally take that trip you’ve always talked about?  Tell someone the truth you’ve been holding back?  There is always SOMETHING, and all night long you can’t help but think about them.  The kicker is, this isn’t a sad feeling.  It’s a feeling of hope.  The hope that after the clock hits midnight everything can be better.  That you will somehow manifest all the courage it takes to complete whatever task it is to make your life awesome.  This isn’t a bad thing!  I love reveling in that warm, refreshing, nervous ‘hope’ fizz that bubbles in my gut.  Why shouldn’t I?  I like to believe that the only thing holding us back from what we really want is ourselves.  We just need that nudge, and on New Year’s Eve there is no shortage of it!

Did you feel it?  That nudge?  I really hope you did, and I really hope you act on it!  It’s a new year.  Take a chance!  Risk it!  Even if things don’t work out the way you planned, I promise you’ll get something out of it.  Just get off your butt and do it already!

Happy 2013 loves!