Cute or tacky?

Calling out to all my fellow Pinsters! (aka…Pinterest Gangsters)

I too, am guilty of obsessively pinning for hours on in.  I love love love it.  Pinterest is such an amazing and reliable source when it comes to just about everything, but it is especially helpful when it comes to planning your wedding.  Have you looked in the wedding category yet?  It’s phenomenal!  I feel bad for all the brides that had to plan their big days without it.  There are endless DIY wedding projects, plus every idea under the sun to help inspire you and make your wedding perfect. 

Okay, so every now and then I like to play a game while scrolling. It’s called, “When it stops being cute and starts becoming tacky”.  Of course we all have different tastes. That’s what makes planning a wedding so much fun: customizing it. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between cute and tacky that a lot of brides cross unknowingly. 

Here are a few pins I’ve seen that make me think…. “Ehh, that’s a tad tacky”.

  1:  White Christmas lights strung with mason jars wired in. Sigh. I’m a huge fan of white lights, trust me. I use them every opportunity I get, but THIS? The mason jars can work with a lot of settings, but randomly hanging from the lights, then having said lights shoved in looks…. messy.  There is plenty you can do with both elements, but this option just isnt working for anyone. 


2:  Unmatching centerpieces.  I know creating a centerpiece to match your theme can be tricky.  You have many options, and can even have varying centerpieces throughout your reception. But please, oh please don’t put the two different pieces on the same table.  It looks uncoordinated.


3.  Painted people on wine/champagne glasses. Ugh. I’m sorry, this is just my personal opinion-but I hate this.  Hate. Especially the creepy 3-D boobs…yeah take a good hard look…the glasses have boobs! I get wanting to personalize.  Personalizing is cute! Oh dear, not like this though, not like this.  


What do you think crosses the cute/tacky line? Is there something that makes you shiver with ‘oh noooooo she didn’t’?  Tell me about it!

Until next time, keep on pinning you lovely Pinsters you!


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