Thoughts from a sneezing fool….

It’s official.  Spring is here!  Can you feel it in your sinuses?? I sure can.  Ugh.  The ability to wear cute little cotton dresses without freezing my tush off is nice, but COME ON.  I know that no amount of scowling at the blooming trees (aka: the enemy!) as I drive by them is going to make my allergies cease, but it helps me feel better. 




Some exciting stuff has been happening around here!  Right now we are getting ready for tomorrow’s bridal show: Veils, Tails, and Cocktails at the gorgeous Aria Resort.  Ahh! Our theme is…..*****drum roll*******…. A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream! Ta-da.  Make sure you come down and see us tomorrow! 


Recently, we also won Desert Companion’s 2013 ‘Best of the City’ choice for florist! (Ah, shucks guys- you shouldn’t have! *wink*)  We love you guys.


Also, we currently have a bet going on with our delivery driver, Tom, about the outcome of the NCAA championship.  Tom vs. the fairies.  Yes, he is betting all of us at once!  Hopefully the odds are in our favor!


More news coming soon….




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