Spring is almost here people!

Happy Monday lovelies!

Can you believe it’s already March?    

Spring is right around the corner!  Anybody out there planning a gorgeous spring wedding?  If you are, you’re in luck.  Spring is an amazing season that gives you a large option of beautiful flowers. What exactly is in season you ask? Well for starters there is freesia! Oh my, that particular flower is extremely intoxicating.  I love it a little too much.  There is also ranunculus, with its super cute little petals that never seem to cease.  You can get ranunculus in a variety of colors.  (*cough*-the orange ones, go with orange ones- *cough*) They’re spectacular.

Other spring-time flowers:                  

                           -Alstromeria (gives you fun pops of color)


                           -Calla Lilies (very classy and upscale)

                           -Cornflower (not used very often, but a nice blue choice!)

                           -Delphinium (love this, love this, love this)  

                           -Gerbera Daisies (comes in hot colors and always a crowd pleaser)

                           -Hydrangea (a nice full flower that gives you a great base)

                           -Iris (can come in either blue or purple)

                           -Casablanca Lilies (very large and breathtaking.)


                           -Lisianthus (looks like a frilly rose, very beautiful)

                           -Scabiosa (OMG if you use this then you are the coolest person ever)


                           -Snap Dragons (obviously an awesome flower with that name)

                           -Sunflowers (ah yes, no explanation needed)

                           -Tulips (pretty much the first flower you think of for spring)

Spring gives you so many pretty colors and textures to work with.  Don’t limit yourself to the standard “18 red rose bridal bouquet”.  Experiment! Go crazy! Have a green cymbidium orchid bouquet? Add some monkey tail to mix it up!  Add a hot accent color somewhere in your centerpieces.  Just have fun with it! 




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