So it seems we survived the so-called ‘apocalypse’ that was supposed to take place over a week ago.  Hooray!  The world is still spinning.  For all you that were prepared like true boy/girl scouts for the zombie takeover you’re probably thinking…now what?

I’ll tell you what, its time to celebrate!  It’s an entirely new year!  I love New Year’s Eve, in fact it’s my favorite holiday.  For one night, there is a unified sense of hope.  In some cases, its false hope-but that’s not the point.  Night approaches and we get all dolled up to go out to some grand party-or we get comfortable in a great pair of sweatpants and set up in front of the T.V to watch the festivities from the comfort of our living rooms.  Either way, there is a nagging little thought that is present in your mind: can this be the best year yet?  Every one has resolutions, whether you want to admit them or not.  What do you want to do or change in your life to make it better?  Do you want to lose weight?  Finally take that trip you’ve always talked about?  Tell someone the truth you’ve been holding back?  There is always SOMETHING, and all night long you can’t help but think about them.  The kicker is, this isn’t a sad feeling.  It’s a feeling of hope.  The hope that after the clock hits midnight everything can be better.  That you will somehow manifest all the courage it takes to complete whatever task it is to make your life awesome.  This isn’t a bad thing!  I love reveling in that warm, refreshing, nervous ‘hope’ fizz that bubbles in my gut.  Why shouldn’t I?  I like to believe that the only thing holding us back from what we really want is ourselves.  We just need that nudge, and on New Year’s Eve there is no shortage of it!

Did you feel it?  That nudge?  I really hope you did, and I really hope you act on it!  It’s a new year.  Take a chance!  Risk it!  Even if things don’t work out the way you planned, I promise you’ll get something out of it.  Just get off your butt and do it already!

Happy 2013 loves!




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