Happy Wednesday loves!

How was everybody’s Thanksgiving?  Nearly a week has past since turkey day…have you recovered from your food-induced coma yet?!  My fridge almost looks normal again-it’s no longer stuffed to the max with amazingly delicious leftovers. Granted, there is still PLENTY in there, but it has shrunken down to a respectable size over this past week.  I know that may seem a tad excessive, considering I live alone-but cut me a break!  This year I had a total of three Thanksgivings.  Yes, three.  A few days before National NomNomNom Day, I decided I wanted to test out my epic (and still non-existent) cooking skills by throwing a little shin-dig at my place.  What better way to truly test your skills than by using your closest friends as human guinea pigs! With the magnificent help of my best friend, Alex, we managed to cook a pretty decent meal. (Meaning: she did most of the cooking while I just stood there in my green polka-dot apron sipping cider and acted like I knew what I was doing.)  Later on, a few of my close comrades arrived and we had a lovely “Friendsgiving” together.  I enjoyed it!

Then, Thursday rolled around.  Oh yes, the day of all days.  My family usually shares their meal during the earlier part of the day.  There were a total of fifteen of us at my aunt’s house- and there was no shortage of food.  At all.  There probably could’ve been thirty-two of us and we would still have leftovers.  It was oh so scrumptious.  Then, since apparently I like to beat up my stomach, I went over to my friend’s family’s dinner.  Don’t fret- I really just went over there for the fabulous company.  We ended the night by building a campfire in the backyard, and jumping in the Jacuzzi.  The day was pretty amazing! There really is so much to be thankful for…family, friends, delicious food, a good pair of jeans, apple cider, the perfect shade of red lipstick, Jacuzzis…the list could go on for days.  Even though Thanksgiving has past, remember to be thankful for the little things lovelies.  It gives you a pleasant little tingle in your gut full of warmth and love when you do.  I know that we are days away from the craziness of Christmas time, but for now just revel in the joy that is November and all its pumpkin-filled gloriousness!



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