It’s almost here…

Guess what is just around the corner…….that’s right AUTUMN!!!! I cannot convey just how stoked I am!  For me, it’s the absolute best time of the year.  I can wear comfy sweaters, drink pumpkin spice lattes (ooooh yes!), shop for the perfect pair of boots, and go for a walk in the park during the day without dying from heat exhaustion! 


Feeling a little peeved about putting your swimsuit away just yet? I’m more than certain you can still squeeze an itty bitty bit of summer out in the next week or so.  Especially if you live out here in the desert like me!

If you are on the same page as me, however, then start getting ready for all this epic-ness:


  1. The weather. Come on, pretty obvious-but so true! With all this heat out here in Vegas, I am more than ready for a nice break.
  1. The fashion.  Jeans, sweaters, long sleeves, knits, hats, caps, jackets, boots, and scarves, scarves, SCARVES.  Need I say more?
  1. Football.  Okay, I’ll admit I am not the biggest sports fan-but I do enjoy watching a game from time to time.
  1. The television lineup. All your favorite shows come back on the air for a new season! Um, yes! Now I can stop obsessing over last season’s cliffhanger.
  1. The deliciousness.  All those nice, warm, spice-filled smells start wafting from your kitchen, holiday-scented candles, or your nearest Starbucks.
  1. The holidays.  Halloween? Thanksgiving? Best holidays ever!



See?  Autumn isn’t so bad, right?


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