20 Things You Didn’t Need To Know!

Happy Monday one and all!  The sun is out, the sky is clear, the coffee is strong, and Bryan Adams is providing us with our morning tunes.  Pretty good way to start off the week!  How is your Monday turning out so far?

When I was a kid, I would try to learn as many random facts as possible.  It didn’t matter about what, just facts that I would spew out at any moment (I’m sure my family was more than annoyed).  Now that I’m older, I’ve learned to keep such “fascinating” things to myself during conversation.  However, I still look up random facts from time to time.  Here are a few random, and potentially useless facts just to bring a smile to your face!

  1. Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.


  1. On average there are 178 sesame seeds on a Big Mac bun.
  1. Dolphins sleep with one eye open. (I guess they’re not very trusting!)
  1. The average person laughs thirteen times a day. (I probably laugh double that!)
  1. The electric chair was invented  by a dentist. (NOT a surprise in my book.)


  1. A toothpick is the object most often chocked on.
  1. The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head.


  1. Louis XIV owned 413 beds. (Player)
  1. Baskin Robins once made a ketchup flavored ice cream. (I’m sorry, but EWWW.)
  1. The most used expression of any language is “O.K”.
  1. Coffee is the world’s most recognizable smell.  (My absolute favorite!)


  1. Cows sleep only three hours a day.
  1. The plastic thing at the end of your shoelace is called an “aglet”.
  1. Bubble wrap was originally designed to be used as wallpaper. (That might be fun!)


  1. Only 2% of people can lick their elbow. (Sadly, I’m not one of the 2%)


  1. American car horns are tuned to the tone of F.
  1. The porpoise is second to man as the most intelligent animal on the planet.
  1. Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning than women.  (Nananana!)


  1. Humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year.
  1. The average lifespan of a squirrel is about nine years.


Don’t get the Monday blues, now you can say you learned something today!

Until next time lovelies!


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