Through Rose Coloured Glasses….

Hello lovelies!!!

Ok as my very last week at Enchanted is beginning this blog post simply feels necessary. Through my months here I have met and chatted with countless brides. Today we are discussing a rare breed… the haters of roses. I understand that there may be an allergy or a personal issue with roses. However I don’t understand simply disliking them because they are “cliché” “overdone” or “plain”.

-Roses happen to be spectacular. With over 15,000 different species…  it’s HIGHLY unlikely I cant find a rose to blend exquisitely into your pallet.

-Roses don’t have to compose the entire bouquet, but when fully bloomed they are a large lush flowers that can certainly be another ingredient in a magnificent floral!

-Peonies are not available all year… but their BFF the garden rose is! Amazing.

– Brides on a budget can definitely get a lot more bang for their buck with using roses

-Romeo and Juliet LOVED roses…

-You can eat them after the wedding… edible too. Who would have thought!? PLUS they have more vitamin C than any other fruit or veggie.

-85% of American’s say the rose is their favorite flower

-President Reagan made the rose our national flower in 1986…be patriotic!



And it is Monday… and the Real Housewives of Orange County Finale Part 2 is tonight… so clearly this is the only thing on my mind today. And how much I will miss all of you. This is my final week at Enchanted so I will be sending out plenty of blog love. And of course once I get my new personal blog going,   I will get the details to all of my loyal readers. But fear not the Enchanted blog will continue, placed carefully in the hands of another fabulous fairy!!


Happy Monday Darlings!! Stop hating roses. Please and thank you!



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