Schemer Spotlight

Can you believe July is only a HOT minute away?? Ok so I love that all of Vegas readers are understand just how hot this minute will be! Summer is flying and the flood of Vegas weddings is coming to a steady simmer. The boom will begin again as the weather cools, but I’m looking forward to not having my desk piled high with a never ending amount of paperwork.

Ok so what else do I have to share with you… Did I tell you I ombre’d my hair. I feel I have spread my obvious obsession with ombre onto you all. So I am thrilled to share my new ‘do.

Yet another obsession I have to share with you. My love of Summer cocktails. Of course Pinterest being the land of all things creative I do in my life. I am completely obsessed with this blueberry sangria lemonade. Yum! What fun cocktails are you all making?

Next I must wish the happiest of birthdays to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and brother to the man of my dreams!  Apparently Kate is throwing a small dinner party tonight for the occasion. I can only hope someone gets us all a snapshot of what she’s wearing… the ladies of NEED to know!

And now for a spotlight on a super fabulous vendor. The always fun and adorable Traci from Scheme Events has been rocking Vegas for three years now. She is a co-owner of Scheme Events. Scheme can take your wedding ideas and turn them into real life masterpieces. Whether it be day of coordination or planning the wedding from A-Z, Traci, Rissa, and Tara make every detail perfect and create moments that exceed all expectation!

Here is the traditional questionnaire with a few special insights into the mind of Traci…

Name: Traci McMaster

1)     Company: Scheme Events

2)     How many years in business? About 2 years!

3)     When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? An Olympic swimmer. I always dreamed of swimming in the Olympics. What little girl doesn’t have the dream of being some kind of athlete at one point or another in their lives?

4)     One TV show you never miss? Such a tough question. Can I extend it to TV shows? Gossip Girl is definitely one that I will always make sure my DVR is recording on a Monday night! I watch a lot of TV with my boyfriend, Case. We kind of have a guilty pleasure for Real World and the Challenges on MTV. Case just started watching Real World: Hawaii…again. Can you believe that was filmed in 1999?  My favorite part of this season is the fashion; it is so funny to see how much things have changed! With that being said, I guess you can say that I like to watch drama unfold, scripted or unscripted.

5)     What is something most brides do not know before they come and meet with you? That I am actually really shy. I come off as a goofy, light hearted and an outgoing person. I think the only thing that keeps me calm is getting to talk about weddings and making their dream day come true. Wedding geek? Yup… that’s me!

6)     Favorite restaurant in Vegas? I eat out more than the average person, so I have eaten at a lot of restaurants Vegas has to offer in my 3 short years here in Sin City. The top runners are Agave, Battista’s Hole in the Wall, and Firefly .

7)     Best part of your job? Being my own boss! I love being able to learn the business world first hand from the daily office details to the weddings of course! I find something special about all of my client’s weddings that make me hard to let go of after their wedding. Each one of them are my babies and I get teary eyed when we draw near the end of their planning.

8)     How many years have you lived in Vegas? I moved at the end of July of 2009! It was hot… very hot. I am excited to say that I have been here almost 3 years and love it more and more every day!

9)     Something you would love to learn how to do? I would love to be more handy. I see all these adorable things on Pinterest that I could make/build for my house and know that there is absolutely no way that I will ever be able to accomplish it. Maybe I could just hire a full time handyman to do all the house projects for me. (It was a thought…)

10) OPI, Shellac, Gelish, Essie… where does your heart lie? OPI and Gelish! I ventured into the world of Gel Manicures almost 2 years ago, but also realize how much I loved just the good old-fashioned manicure with OPI polish. You will never see my nails unpainted; they must always have some color on them!

11) Rock Chalk Jayhawk… what 3 things do you miss most about Kansas? Thunderstorms, the smell of fresh cut real grass on a spring morning and the crazy weather that tornados bring. Living in Tornado Alley my whole life was scary when there was a tornado that was near your house, but heck, when you knew you were in the clear, the thunderstorms, clouds and color of the sky were spectacular!

12) If you find the best Diet Coke at McDonalds… where is your favorite margarita in Vegas? My kitchen! My friend’s mom always made the best margaritas when we were in college so I begged her to send me the recipe. One day I will have a house warming party and you can come over and enjoy a margarita with me. It will be a good time!

13) What are you usually scheming? How I can make my house my home. I have lived there for over a year and a half and still have nothing hanging on the walls. Rissa and I talk about our houses and how we would like them to be decorated. Maybe I could have her come renovate and decorate mine and then we can move to hers! I am liking this idea… and not just because it would teach me to be more handy and I can have that house warming party!

Ok precious pumpkins. That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed. X’s and O’s until my next post!!!


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