Things I’m OBSESSED with right now….

Hello my loyal (hopefully) readers!

Wedding land is fun as always! We are able to wear white shoes again! Miley Cyrus is engaged… blah, jealous, blah , Drew Barrymore is married! And Debra Messing is getting divorced. Hollywood couples coming full circle in just a week!

So I thought it was time for a rousing rendition of things I’m obsessed with this week.

1)      Suri’s Burn Book: This is the most amazing online entertainment.  So we all saw Mean Girls and we are totally familiar with the concept of the “burn book”. It is a guaranteed laugh as “Suri” comments on all of the other celebrity offspring out there. Pure genius! I love her little rants on every topic from Snooki’s baby girl to Harper Seven Beckham’s perfectly dressed family. LOVE. Check out all of Suri’s rants and raves here!

2)      Don’t make fun of my life behind the trends… coconut water. Sorry I’m not sorry for loving you. It makes you feel so healthy and full of fabulous minerals and nutrients. I just love it. #Delish. So what I “hashtagged”…. Get over it.

3)      As we all know Preston Bailey is a god amongst mere mortals in the event world! Reading his blog posts is such an inspiration to brides and industry professionals alike. As we are into wedding season, I love this post on creating sentimental  keepsakes from the big day. From a set of napkin rings to bouquet preservation, there are so many ways you can celebrate the day you said “I do”. Check out Preston’s post here.

4)      Rustic. Purple. Swoon. Tulips. Love. I had a moment and completely fell in love with this great shoot by Larsen’s photography.

5)      East Side Bride. Although I haven’t just discovered her, I did JUST realize I haven’t spread her brilliance on to all of you. Seriously when your tagline is “an evil club of mean hipster brides”… is there anything I could love more. From fashion and wediquette advice to being perfectly snarky with her wit and charm, I highly recommend her to all of you! Check it out!!!

6)      When I think Resort lines, I’m immediately dying to be rocking every fabulous vibrant hue that Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha frolicked around the Middle Eastin. Ugh if only SATC fashion was on the streets of Vegas. Sigh. So I must sit and ogle Vogues runway slideshows. Personally I am  all over the BCBG 2013 resort line. Am I on vacation yet?? The colors… the shoes… the minis and maxis. J’adore. Live it, love it. Click here to check out the line! 

7)      Ok my final note on the list… I think it’s healthy to end on lucky number 7! Summer tv is back, as anyone who reads this blog can imagine, my tivo is bumpin these days. Gabriel Macht is fiercely handsome and suave and charming and perfect on the show Suits. Lawyers, power, laughs, a pinch of drama and it makes for a fabulous show. Put it on your must see list… season 2 is starting next week.  For my reality fix, Gene Simmons Family Jewels started up last week.  The KISS front man turned family man deals with everyday issues of wedded bliss in the new season. Don’t miss talks of adoption, growing up, and keeping it real.

Tis all for now my darlings, It feels good to be back in the saddle and writing to you again! I will be updating you soon with oodles of photos from all of the lovelies being created by the fairies.  Happy hump day! Have a fabulous week!



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