Web Finds and Scheme-filled Minds!

Good day pumpkins!!!

How was everyone’s weekend? What fun things did you do?? I went to the Smith Center  for the AMAZING Joshua Bell and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields all Beethoven program. Imagining me brushing a little dirt off the shoulder, followed by a hair flip… yea I’m all about culture. It was fantastic. Had a SUPERB dinner at Lola’s, dear soft shell crab: I love you! A fabulous evening!!

Ok so first up we are going to do a little internet in review. What wedding fabulous did you see and LOVE? These are my top picks:

1)      Zou Bisou Bisou. The new season of Mad Men is underway and I literally cannot get enough.  So of course everywhere you look is Mad Men wedding inspiration. Here are some great ideas for you swinging soiree.

Fun theme ideas from Emmaline Bride

Etsy brilliance!

Ideas to make your wedding so swell.

2)      This weekend was the first ever Las VegasFoodie Festival. Foodies from all around enjoyed yummy foods from oodles of food trucks and other vendors. Which then led me to my number 2… I love a food truck at a wedding. Since a young age I have always loved mini food, its just so stinkin cute. But then beyond that its fun and delicious and original. Ugh I love love it. Here is a list of the 25 food trucks  for you wedding from OneWed. Not to mention the AMAZING local food trucks we have in Vegas:  Check out fan favorites such as Slidin’ Thru, Haulin’ Balls, Chi-Town Hustler and more here.

3) If there is anything that the current economic client has taught us… you can be beyond fabulous on any budget. The amount of DIYs and Pinterest/Etsy brides out there are OUT OF CONTROL.  But I love it, I love reading about all of the brilliant things brides are coming up with. You can find FAB dressesshoes and more for less!!

4) Finally as yesterday was Will and Kate’s 1st anniversary I had my moment reminiscing about waking up at the crack of dawn to watch one of the most fabulous historical moments of my lifetime. Ugh LOVE LOVE SWOON LOVE. Literally a love affair between my self and the royal fam. Sending my resume into the Harry needs a wife search committee. I’d rock a tiara like nobody’s business. So through a bit of Googling I found two websites that made me laugh a little. As much as I love checking out celebrity fashions, this blogger is WILD. Check out WhatKateWore.com for every detail of every stitch that the Princess steps out in.

So today I am doing a Vendor Spotlight on the lovely Rissa of Scheme Events. Not only is she always so adorable and fun to be around, she is a fellow Bravo LOVER. So of course writing her questions was almost as fun as reading her answers. Whatever the need may be from day of coordination to taking care of every last detail of your big day, Rissa and the Schemers are FABULOUS! And now for the answers…

Name: Rissa Gunderson

Company: Scheme 

How many years in business? Almost 2

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? I think I wanted to be a teacher.  Cliché, yes.  In high school I was required in school to take a test that would tell me what careers I should pursue.  My results?  Air Traffic Controller or a Taxi Driver.  My 16 year old, 4.0 GPA self was not impressed.

One TV show you never miss? Well, Bravo has my heart, but the Scheme girls and I love us some New Girl.  I seriously laugh out loud at every episode.  Then we all chat about it the next day in the office.  Double the fun!

What is something most brides do not know before they come and meet with you? It’s kind of a “Wedding Bucket List” of mine to do a sunrise wedding.  It’d make for a super early day, but I think morning is just gorgeous.

Favorite restaurant in Vegas? Ah, doesn’t exist.  I’d prefer not to go to the same restaurant twice.  I always want to try something new!  My husband hates change and could eat at the same place all the time, tough combo. We do love Pin Kaow Thai, Settebello Pizza, Oyshi Sushi and Gaetano’s Italian.

Best part of your job? I love my job as a wedding planner…getting to work with amazing clients, being inspired by creative vendors and studying design.  I also love my job as a business owner.  There is so much that goes into running a business behind the scenes.  Continuing education is a priority so I read blogs, books and articles about finance, marketing, purchasing trends and business.  Sorting through receipts and invoices in Quickbooks is calming for me.  My right brain and left brain are kept busy!

How many years have you lived in Vegas? I moved to the City of Sin on July 5, 2005.  I’m coming up on 7 lucky years!

Something you would love to learn how to do? I cannot draw to save my life.  It’d be supremely useful to be able to draw, sketch, color and paint all the ideas we have for fab design.

Rissa: As a fellow Bravo addict, would you rather…a) Have Jeff Lewis move in with you for a week b) Dine at restaurant wars with Padma and Tom c) Get stuck on a boat with Dr. Amador, Bethenny, and Jason d) Party at the Brownstone with the first ladies of NJ Hands down, Jeff Lewis.  I’m in the midst of remodeling our house and I la-la-love his style.  He has to bring Jenni, Zoila, Jett and Gage.  We’ll pretty much just have big fun sleepovers and I’ll end up with a fabulous house. While we’re on the topic of Bravo, I just want to say that I’m dying to have a Bravolebrity party.  Everyone has to dress as a Bravo star and I get to be Andy Cohen and host/interview everyone.  Best gig ever.

Which Canadian stereotype best fits you… flannel wearing lumber-jill or die-hard hockey fan? Total hockey fan.  I don’t know much about hockey, but there are two things I do know: I love watching hockey fights. I wanna drive the Zamboni.

What would be your “line” be on the intro to Real Housewives of Las Vegas? Half spin toward camera “In a city of lights…I shine the brightest” Big smile, hair flip, arms crossed

Which was better… Riverdance in Dublin or Falafel in Israel?  I’d have to say Riverdance.  Those dancers have moves like Jagger…If Jagger only moved from the waist down.

What are you usually scheming? What I can renovate next in my home.  I wasn’t kidding about Jeff Lewis, I really need him.

Thank you to Rissa for answering the questionnaire. Now back to work work and not fun blog work. Love and sunshine until next time!!!


One thought on “Web Finds and Scheme-filled Minds!

  1. I so agree when you say that being a florist and running a business involves the left and right brains to be in sync. I mean one moment i am juggling with the accounts of the firm and the next moment I am designing a bunch and thinking about the kind of compote which will go well with it.

    Loved the post 🙂 Keep ’em coming.

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