#WeddingWednesday and a Spotlight Schemer

#WeddingWednesday. Excuse my twitter lifestyle but this is one of my favorite days of the week. So today we are going to have a little bit of a wedding recap as well as a fantastical vendor spotlight!!

Wedding land has been WILD hot this week. Here are some of my favorite blog finds this week:

BEST VENUE EVER from Rock n’ Roll Bride  (Photo on right by Morgan Tinker)



CUTEST DIY Flower Girl perfection from Martha Stewart Weddings


And now for the wedding recap!

Jennifer Dean and Sean Morris said I do at Anthem Country Clubon March 31st. I wanted to give another shout out to the amazing Ron Miller and send you all to his blog to check out the fabulous photos from the big day. Every detail was perfect from the Groomsmen’s custom kicks, to Bridesmaid’s adorable bouquet charms. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Enjoy!!

This past Sunday Elaine Go and Bill Livolsi got hitched at the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse inside The Four Seasons Las Vegas. Thanks so much to Rick Becker for coordinating every detail at The Four Seasons.  Stunning shades of pink and peach made this the perfect springtime affair.  The pops of green and white added a fresh and vibrant feel. We are so happy for Bill and Elaine. Here is a peek of the gorgeous flowers! Check out the stunning roses, orchids, tulips and more!!


Now for our Vendor spotlight! Today we are featuring the lovely Jacqueline of Scheme Events. You can always count on Jacqueline to be a fashionista, even pregnant she is always the best dressed in the room. I had so much fun working with the Schemers on a project last week and I am so excited to feature another member of their spectacular team!!

Vendor Spotlight Questionnaire:

1) Name: Jacqueline Emamzadeh

2) Company: Scheme Events 

3) How many years in business? Almost 2!

4) When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A professional dancer

5) One TV show you never miss? Modern Family

6) What is something most brides do not know before they come and meet with you? How closely I will get to know them during the planning process.

7) Favorite restaurant in Vegas? The Griddle, my husband owns it. Shameless plug!

8) Best part of your job? Getting to work with and learn about so many different cultures and traditions.

9) How many years have you lived in Vegas? 6

10) Something you would love to learn how todo? Speak Farsi. My husband is Persian, so I am trying to learn. Right now I can say “kiss me” and “shut up”!

11) What is it like growing up in the marigold capital of the world? Are the flowers everywhere like I’m imagining? It is much greener than it is here inLas Vegas, but it also gets much colder!

12) I know how much you love Christmas… is it as fun in Vegas without any snow? What are your favorite Christmastime activities? I have never spent a Christmas inLas Vegas; I always go back home. We have so many fun traditions in my family. My favorite is making (and eating) an Italian soup called Cappeletti.

13) Congrats on the baby! What is the best part of baby planning? What can we expect the hottest nursery in Vegas to look like? Thank you! The best part of baby planning is definitely the shopping. She already has a full closet in her grey and pink nursery.

14) If cast for a guest spot on Glee, what song can I expect to hear you singing? I am pretty much the world’s worst signer, so I would probably just be a backup dancer.

15) What are you usually scheming about? The next great theme party. I have so many parties that I would love to plan, I just need to find people that will allow me to do them!

Thank you so much to Jacqueline for allowing me to feature her. We are so excited for her and her family on the new baby schemer to arrive!! That is all for today, enjoy your #WeddingWednesday!! X’s and O’s!


One thought on “#WeddingWednesday and a Spotlight Schemer

  1. Teresa Meli says:

    I don’t hate it….I love it!

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