Things I’m Obsessed With!

Monday is here again. Whatever holidays we did or didn’t celebrate I’m sure everyone is slowly but surely working through their food coma’s.

Today I think I’m just going to talk about what I am jonesing for these days…

Things that I’m obsessed with!

First of all I saw Mirror Mirror this weekend. Julia Roberts doesn’t just do any movie these days, so I know when I get a little on screen time with her highness it’s going to be great. Other than my re-emerging crush on Armie Hammer (The Social Network didn’t do him justice….) every detail was stunning. The art direction was epic. The colors, the costumes, the dwarves. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I recommend everyone take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a fairy tale once in a while.

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath, really? And if you are in the minority who don’t like a bubble bath, then I know you have to love cute things, or cupcakes, or things that smell yummy. Yea I think I have all of mankind covered now.  I don’t know how I hadn’t discovered Sweet Bubbles Soap Café  before. Such a little gem in the Vegas Valley. I love soap shaped like a cupcake!!! Ugh go, buy, become obsessed. And along the way you will smell heavenly! Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Nerd alert: I have no shame in admitting that I love me some musical theater. Totally a Gleek, and yes I am thrilled for Glee’s return this week. BUT I am writing to you about the new Les Miserables. Ok so all of the world is up in arms about Anne Hathaway’s new ‘do. Yes her hair is short, yes its dramatic, and yes (spoiler alert) it will grow back. But the all star cast of Sacha Baron Cohen, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Helena Bonham Carter, Amanda Seyfried, Anne and more…. Ugh I die. Completely obsessed already. Expected release in December is certainly this up to be holiday BLOCKBUSTER.

Baseball season hath arrived! This one of the best times of the year! I love sitting at a game (working on my tan) cheering along enjoying a beer or 5 (ok the games are longgggg). Just a few days into the season and already a few surprises… for example did the Yankees realize the season started? Tigers hello!  Red Sox were always awful, I enjoy their “suckfest” of a season so far.  Hopefully you all get out to a game this summer.

Now words from Tom: Dear Yankee and BoSox fans, Don’t worry you still have 98% of the season left. That being said the Rays are going to win the AL East. Tom is already predicting the Tigers for the World Series.  We love our man-fairy!

As was mentioned last week… I am getting on board the Titanic and loving every minute. But really there are three Titanic-obsessed moments I must share with you all. First off all I discovered Brenda’s wedding blog today… and there it was a Titanic themed wedding. Think more nautical less Jack and Rose. More pops of yellow and chevron and less iceberg and chaos. The event looked adorable, Heart of Ocean Necklace and all. Check it out here.  Ok next on the list is this little gem I discovered is this Titanic cruise. For a cool $9000 you can board the Balmoral and journey on the Titanic’s route. Complete with the ships menu, period costumes, and more. I love the smell of 1912, so….. crisp? And finally downtown’s own Bar+Bistro at the Arts Factory is hosting a Titanic anniversary dinner celebration. Chef Beni is preparing all TEN courses that made up the first class passengers last meal. UNREAL. Make your reservations STAT. Who wouldn’t want to dine on oysters, Filet Mignon Lili, Roast Duckling and Apple Sauce, Roasted Squab and Cress, and Eclairs??? But really… FAKE LIFE. Good to know what John Jacob Astor and Molly Brown were enjoying that night before the ‘berg.

And of course you can see the movie in 3D… which I am clearly doing!

Ok so my last obsession for the day is the fact that the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES are only 109 DAYS AWAY!!!! I don’t know about you but if the Olympics were classified as a drug, I’m definitely an addict. From beach volleyball to gymnastics, and archery to badminton, it is all perfect. Day after day I sit glued to my TV, obsessing, cheering, crying, heckling, and loving every second.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. The fashion of Opening Cermony alone is to die for. I will wait patiently for the most exciting event of the year, maybe more exciting that Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby…. maybe.

Ok darlings, wishing you all a fabulous week. I will check up on you in a few days. Sprinkle a little vendor spotlight into your week. Hope you enjoyed this. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you are obsessed with right now.  Toodles.


One thought on “Things I’m Obsessed With!

  1. jodi anne says:

    You! I’m obsessed with you!

    As for the Olympics… viewing party at my house or yours? 🙂 xo. xo. xo.

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