Fun and Scheming in Las Vegas

Happy Monday Pumpkins!!

How was your weekend? Mine was incredibly uneventful. Well except for my shoe expedition through Nordstrom Rack and the UK/UofL basketball game , and my numerous spin classes and jaunts through the dog park. Otherwise Tivo as usual.  I am a little disappointed by this cold spell in Vegas right now… I was loving the 85+ degree weather on Saturday. Now it’s chilly, can’t a girl just rearrange her closet already? Goodbye sweaters and parkas, time for shorts and espadrilles (well soon hopefully)!

Every day we get dolled up… whatever your make up ritual might be.  So today as I’m becoming the glam fairy (yes I stole that from Jerseylicious) I was thinking who on earth invented the eyelash curler. Seriously that metal contraption is remarkably confusing. Upon getting to work I was determined to discuss this with you all. So according to Wikipedia… which I realize isn’t 110% correct William McDonell received his patent for the eyelash curler in 1931. He was clearly a very very clever man.

Now onto a bit of wedding recap! Oh how I have missed sharing the splendid designs and joyful weddings. The fairies continue to blow my mind.

Sheena Evans and Brad Rosenfeld got hitched at DragonRidge on Saturday March 24th. The stunning shades of purple and green made the flowers truly spectacular. Green spider mums, purple lisyanthus, and purple stock were a match made in heaven. The cake topper was epic, if I do say so myself. It was a pleasure to work with Carrie Key of DragonRidge. The fairies love any Wedding where we get to work with the talented Kevin Cordova of LED Unplugged. Every second was captured by Trish and Jared of Studio ATG. Check here for a sneak peek of the big day from the Studio ATG blog. Below are some of our photos from designing for the big day!

We are working on a super fabulous project with the lovely ladies of Scheme Events! So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do a Vendor Spotlight on Tara Cox. She is such a doll, always smiling and so fun to be around. It is no wonder why any bride would want her around on their wedding day! Below is the usually questionnaire with a few Tara-specific questions. Prepare to be Tara-fied! PS I love how she answered in purple.


Name: Tara Cox 

Company: Scheme Events

How many years in business?: 1.5 year

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?: Country Western Singer

One TV show you never miss?: One Tree Hill, but the series is almost over. So The New Girl is my new never miss show.

What is something most brides do not know before they come and meet with you? I’m the most emotional of Scheme. I will cry at your wedding, always do.

Favorite restaurant in Vegas? Grand Lux Café

Best part of your job? The girls I work with. My business partners are now my favorite people.

How many years have you lived in Vegas? 15 years

Something you would love to learn how to do? I would love to learn all the bells and whistles of my Apple toys.

Best celebrity run in when you were working at the MGM Grand Garden Arena? I was never really fazed by celebrities, but Will Smith stopped me in my tracks and I shamefully stalked Jon Bon Jovi.

Ok so after a bit of stalking… Which Scott brother are you crushing on? More of a Nathan or a Lucas? I’m crushing on Nathan Scott!

As a cereal connoisseur… what are your 3 faves: My favorite for breakfast is Honey Nut Cheerios. I enjoy Cap’N Crunch Berries for lunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner. I have to switch it up often because I eat cereal all the time! I may have a problem.

What are you usually scheming? home decor.

Check in this week for more updates and joy. I hope you are all having a spectacular Monday!! X’s and o’s my darlings!!! Au revoir until next time!!!


3 thoughts on “Fun and Scheming in Las Vegas

  1. Teresa Meli says:

    That was riveting! Fanfreakintastic job my little Princess!

  2. jodi says:

    …always love me some Tara-soup. xoxo.

  3. shamsher says:

    love me

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