Things I’m Obsessed With….

Hello my darlings! What is new with you?? The week is ending, and I’m here to report all of the news and all things fabulous. Whenever I need a little blog-spiration (blog inspiration… ok I tried it out, not sure it made sense) I look to what I am totally obsessed with right now.

1)      Ok so have you heard of scabiosa stellata? I am literally obsessed with this flowers and it is popping up in so many fabulous bridals and floral arrangements. The fun colors, texture, and overall uniqueness have totally led to my obsession! The versatility of the scabiosa all inspires my obsession… from the delicate all white bridal bouquets all the way to rockstar crazy textures and wild colors, there is a place for scabiosa!


2)      This is not your mama’s summer of fashion. Long gone are the days of your shoes matching your bag. This year color blocking is all the rage… and I am totally drinking the kool-aid. Popping that white summer dress with a blue necklace, hot pink heels, and a green bag is not only acceptable but encouraged this summer!! Get with it!! Color blocking trends are flying off the shelves, and I can’t say I hate it. I love the color, the fun, the whole look.


3)      My newest technology toy is the FitBit. It is a little gadget about the size of  a thumb drive. You can clip it to your belt or to your bra and just let it do its thing. The FitBit calculates the number of steps you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many flights of steps you’ve climbed. Then you sync it to your computer and it helps you monitor your sleep, your food log, basically everything. There are all sorts of cool charts and graphs. Again… drinking the kool-aid. But I’m obsessed with this new gadget! The FitBit is also more affordable compared to some of its counterparts on the market. As opposed to a monthly subscription, the FitBit comes with a one time fee of $100. I am in love, get yours and find out what I’m obsessing about.

4)      Last weekend I went to my very first Lia Sophia party. In true shopping addiction I picked a few Spring accessories. I really wasn’t sure what to expect and of course scoped out the online catalog. The party was fun, the host (my fabulous fairy coworker Lauren) so welcoming, and the Lia Sophia rep, Danielle, was adorable. Definitely check out the site. I hadn’t realized there were Lia Sophia looks rocked by celebs on the red carpet. Again I drank the kool-aid. But I love what I got, the only think I didn’t like is that I have to wait for it in the mail and you can’t see everything you are purchasing in person. Well it’s basically like Zappos. At this point I am just super excited to get my new baubles!



5)      Caviar, chevron, ombre, neon, 3D, really the sky is the limit for how epic nail art has become this season. Ugh I am deeply obsessed with this one. Sephora is about to start carrying Caviar nails… I am bananas for them already. Pinterest has only fueled this passion of mine. From the runways of Fashion Week to the streets of Vegas having the chic-est nails is key to rockin’ Summer 2012



6)      I am an avid foodie and in my own opinion a fairly talented fairy in the kitchen. So my new favorite dinner (low carb YAY) go to on week days are portabello pizzas. Of course I can admit I found it on Pinterest. Nonetheless DELISH. So take a portabello cap flip it over, fill with your favorite pizza sauce and topping, throw some cheese on top (I am a big mozzarella fan) and bake for 30 minutes and 350. HEAVEN. I could eat these every single day; they fill the pizza craving without the pizza calories!




Ok my darlings!! Spring has officially sprung! I hope you all have an excellent weekend. Check back in the coming weeks as wedding recaps will be back in full swing! The season is starting, bells are ringing, this is happening.


One thought on “Things I’m Obsessed With….

  1. jodi anne says:

    love you. love all of your obsessions!! my summer obsession is officially the maxi dress and gold flat sandles. this is what i’ll be wearing when you meet me for lunch soon. maybe i can bring lunchy into the shoppy? xo. you make me swoon. hearts and poppy seeds.

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