Hello Lovers:


I hope you had a fantastic work week. I can’t remember if it went quickly so I suppose that is a good thing. We will be wishing our darling little Abby a fond farewell tonight as she is leaving Enchanted. After working on countless weddings and providing our staff with plenty of zen, joy, and laughter she will be missed.

OK. Next on the agenda. Starbucks Cake Pops. I’d wait for my next “things I am obsessed with” post but they are too delicious to keep from you.  I realize they have been out for a while, and I may be the last person on this band wagon. However I am madly in love and they are so few calories, considering upon tasting them I was sure they were like 500 each. Nonetheless completely worth your while.

So now for our vendor spotlight: We are featuring the amazing Dawn of Couture Bride. From the stunning lace to the glamorous satin, Couture Bride has it all! When glamorous, engaged, and in Vegas… Couture bride is the place to go.

1) Name: Dawn Heaney

2) Company: Couture Bride 

3) How many years in business? 6

4) When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?   I loved to play dress up and wanted to do something in fashion. My Aunts used to let us play dress up in their wedding gowns and old bridesmaid dresses, high heels, and veils. That’s where I believe my love for bridal came from.

5) One TV show you never miss? Mob Wives or any of the Housewives shows. It’s a great way to decompress after a long day of talking

6) What is something most brides do not know before they come and meet with you? That they have to get naked in front on me, 

7) Favorite restaurant in Vegas? Marche Bacchus 

8) Best part of your job? Playing dress up all day long and dressing someone for one of the most important days of their life

9) How many years have you lived in Vegas? 6 years, I moved here to open Couture Bride 

10) Something you would love to learn how to do? Sew 

11) How have you focused your branding and marketing to attract “the extravagant, over the top customer”?  In opening Couture Bride we wanted to bring a whole new level of bridal to the Las Vegas market. With having designers like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier in our shop we hope to capture that fashion minded bride that we love so much!

12) What are the 3 keys to picking the perfect gown for you? Venue, personality, and budget

13) How did studying drama, theater, and dance lead to your career in fashion? In bridal you always have to be on. You can never have a bad day. The stage teaches you that from the beginning.

14) As a New Yorker where do you find the best pizza in Vegas? It just opened and it is a little slice of home Dom Demarco’s.

She is fabulous. Thank you so much to Dawn for her fabulous answers!! I would also like to mention and thank Josh and Jen Photography for allowing us to be a part of their open house this week.  We were so honored to work with Gimme Some Sugar, Alligator SoupDiamond Events, and High Flyin’ Entertainment.

So in honor of our precious Abby, here are some of her finest moments at Enchanted. I hope you all had a fabulous week and an even better weekend!! Chat soon lovers!

Couture Brides and Goodbyes!


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