Art, noodles, and punk.

Bonjour fairy fans! How was your weekend? We all said goodbye to the fabulous Glenda this weekend as she makes her way on her next adventure to Eugene,Oregon. If you know of any flower shops or tattoo parlors hiring up there she is the best!

So in other news… I know I promised the vendor spotlight on Couture Bride in my next post. However change of plans, I love spontaneity. So the vendor spotlight will be later this week, have no fear. Dawn is too adorable and I’m not trying to keep her away from you!


Things I want to discuss:

1)      Have you eaten at the Mac Shack off the 215 and Durango. I had my first experience there this weekend, did not disappoint. For a fun dinner on a budget check out this pasta partayyyy! Tried the tomato soup, HEAVEN.

2)      Mark your calendars! March 30th The Quitters and Wasted White Guys will be performing at Scoundrels (Decatur and University). Don’t miss it!! Also in EFI music news a huge mazel of the week to The Dirty Panties who just signed with Squid Hat Records, amazing.

3)      Have you seen the fantastic post about EFI on the Borrowed and Bleu blog??  Miriam and John’s wedding was photographed by the amazing Chelsea Nicole. The Nevada State Museum was a fun and original venue. Her bouquet was stunning as was everything else that day! Check it out!!

4)      Are you following Enchanted Florist on Pinterest yet?? You should be!! Click here to check out all of the fun I am having pinning my life away!


Now for the main event: Many of you know our Floral Ninja Fairy, KC. The question is have you met her other half, the amazing Las Vegas photographer Ryan Reason? Reason was selected to be amongst the local artists to create “hearts”. As Chicago had their cows, Vegas is now slowly finding original hearts popping up all over. Reason’s heart can be found in The District between Elephant Bar and Anthropologie.  Below are the words from the artist himself… he says it better! Make sure to check out


                As a native Las Vegas resident, my inspiration was to highlight the icons, architecture, style and design that make Las Vegas the most unique city in the world. I strive to show the familiar scenes in a new perspective, as well as highlight elements that may not be instantly recognizable to some people who call Las Vegas home. By displaying these images in a simulated gallery-style presentation, the viewer is invited to physically wander around the heart, looking for places they may or may not be familiar while surveying their emotional connection on what this city means to him or her. The connection to these images will be different for each viewer; but we all have a reaction to the iconic architecture, quirky buildings, signature lighting installations, and natural beauty of the valley.

At the same time, as this curiosity is explored, the viewer will contemplate the meaning of the heart shape itself in a wider view. The heart is anatomically representative of the muscle that keeps us alive; loving, living, creating our town for ourselves and the rest of the world to see and experience. The heart of this city is these places and icons; the people flow through and give it life. I love Las Vegas and all it has to offer.  This piece is a love letter to my hometown; with it’s dynamic and colorful history, it’s familiar and varied places, it’s new people who call it home and it’s natives- it’s the best hometown in the world. It will always have a place in my heart. 

Special Thanks goes to KC Reason, Wes Myles, Niki Sands, Kendall Abbott, Jenn Maupin and Joel Spencer.


So as a little fairy fun, the first ten people to take their picture with the heart and email it to me at get free delivery on their next order!!


Check back this week for more blog fun, as we feature Couture Bride. For now I wish you a fabulous Monday filled with cookies, sunshine, and joy! Until next time…




3 thoughts on “Art, noodles, and punk.

  1. jodi says:

    1. Mazel of the week… ha ha ha! Love it.

    2. Beautiful flowers at the Nevada State Museum wedding. LOVE!

    3. Love you! Lunch soon? xo.

    4. Bethany is in my pretend family tree… on a sister branch. Die for her. 🙂

  2. Teresa Meli says:

    Absolutely Fabulous

  3. shamsher says:

    i like it

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