Monday Funday!

Happy Monday!! Happy Monday!! (I sing this part to you all… don’t make it dreary!)

HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS!!!!!  A perfect Super Bowl, down to Tom Brady’s Hail Mary. I was slightly at the edge of my seat, but had every confidence in the Manning Dynasty to make it happen!

Our very own delivery driver extraordinaire Tom Carr of the Quitters may disagree with my above statements…. But I’m over it!

Also my lovely readers, please be prepared for my ranting and raving of The Voice. I try to keep my reality TV obsession away from you, but I am BANANAS for The Voice  (and most other reality shows haha) but nonetheless, I may sprinkle a little reality on the delicious treat that is the EFI Blog!

So I know we had a chat on Friday…. But your favorite Princess of Publicity is back for more! As bridal show season is coming to an end and the fairies are re-regulating their sleep cycles it is time for a little thanks to be given. No this isn’t my Turkey Day post round 2, although stuffing and sweet potatoes does sound divine right now!

Soooooo as I mentioned on Friday, the ever cutting edge and beyond trendy Las Vegas Seven , gave a brillz (brilliant in Perez Hilton  speak) shout out to our fabulous staff members Stacey Reddick and Robert DeTie. DeTie and Reddick got hitched at the 2012 Bridal Spectacular. SEVEN gave an awesome shout out to the rockers behind EFI as well including the Quitters , the Dirty Panties , and the Happy Campers.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the oodles of vendors who made Stacey’s and Rob’s big day, mega fabulous. So many people took part in the stunning event andLas Vegaswedding professionals were thrilled to put together every detail for the happy couple.  We had such a blast working on this ceremony with so many other talented and creative individuals.

So as it perfectly ties together we are going to feature our Vendor Spotlight today on Jeremy Morse of JMT Eventology. Jeremy worked to create a stunning spectacle for the happy couples “I Do’s”.

1)   Name: Jeremy Morse, Event Director of JMT Eventology.

2)   Company: First let’s explain what Eventology is.  It may be a new term for most but essentially it is the science of how demographics, personal beliefs, technology, and cultural traditions impact event design and production.  We believe all events should be more than arbitrary selections.  When properly orchestrated, planning and coordination is like a science and the product is an amazing celebration.

JMT Eventology – We are an event design and production company headquartered inLas Vegas,Nevada.  We are committed to inspire and create new trends in design with contemporary elements of culinary, beverage, entertainment, fashion, and service. We design and produce events tailored to your unique event specifications incorporating the emotional and tactile content to tantalize the senses.

3)   How many years in business? We have been planning the company now for a few years and began the process in April 2011.  Our goal was to carefully design each step of the process and made sure that what we created was an accurate representation of what we wanted the business to be.  While JMT officially debuted with its first event this January, our team’s combined background encompasses thirty years of experience in food and beverage planning, catering, interior design, and event production.   In addition to our experience we are active in the Event and Design Industries keeping a pulse on new and upcoming trends with memberships in ISES, NACE, and ASID and participation with the International School of Hospitality.

4)   When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? I grew up in a rural part of Missouri on a farm.  At first I wanted to be an astronaut and as I explored the steps for learning about space, science became a favorite subject of mine.  Realizing there were many science industries, it was physics that sparked me to learn more on the construction of buildings and spaces.  This introduced me to space planning and design.

5)   One TV show you never miss? I never miss Project Runway, a show that is inspiring in many ways.  Fashion is a huge inspiration for the rest of the design industries and is really very similar to the concept of designing an event.  It also introduced me to my new favorite store – MOOD!

Another I try not to miss is Faceoff which involves the creative minds of make-up artists.   I also really enjoy Grimm and Once Upon A Time.   Each of them gives me different ideas and inspirations through the stories they present.

6)   What is something most brides do not know before they come and meet with you? Many event companies focus on the coordination aspect of Weddings and events but our primary focus is on the design side.  While I can assist in the orchestration of the event my passion and forte is on first developing the idea and creating a cohesive vision.  Once this is accomplished, then I can discuss options of how to implement and produce the event.

7)  Favorite restaurant in Vegas? I like so many depending on my mood and dining preference. For a gourmet meal I like Sage and Guy Savoy.   What I really like the most are the smaller neighborhood restaurants like Marche Bacchus, DW Bistro, Paymon’s, and Origin India.  The best part of all of these places is the atmosphere enhances the food.

8)    Best part of your job?

  • Creating relationships with new people and being able to work with many creative partners.
  • Having the honor of designing spaces that have a unique emotional content using unconventional ideas.
  • Creating environments that have personality, character and style.
  • Being able to see the reward at the end where the client and all their guests are enjoying themselves in an environment I helped create.

9)    How many years have you lived in Vegas? In 2001 I moved to Las Vegaslooking for a career in the design industry.  After having an internship with a local architectural design firm I loved the opportunity to work on projects many people would be able to experience.

10) Something you would love to learn how to do? Every day is an adventure and there are so many things that life has to offer.  I love being creative and if I could develop and expand on another skill it would be to build custom furniture.  Taking an old used piece of furniture to refinish and reupholster it has its rewards.  You can make it look however you want and feel good about the accomplishment.

11) What do you miss most about life in Missouri? When you grow up in a rural area you sometimes yearn for the city lights and the hustle and bustle of the city.  What I miss is the familiarity and congeniality of being around my family and the rural life of being on a farm.  Also, I miss being near the natural green landscape and the ability to take a short drive to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the Mark  Twain National Forest.

12) Who else is a part of your team? Part of my business plan is to establish a team of creative partners and consultants.  While other businesses may refer to the people they work with as vendors, the word vendor has a connotation that these people are merely part of a business transaction.  For me, a creative partner is someone who you share a vision with – creating a cooperative working relationship with the common goal of delivering something amazing for the client.  As the company grows I would like to expand this creative partnership where we can share ideas and help bring the Wedding industry to the next level.


And now a special note from the Happy Couple: 

We were so honored to be married at this year’s Bridal Spectacular. The creative genius of Michael Testagrossa of the JW Marriott and Jeremy Morse of JMT Eventology orchestrated a memorable and heartfelt event. Our son Ace was able to be a part of our wedding party and our nearest and dearest were in attendance. There were so many vendors who took part in making our wedding day so special. We would like to thank them all.  For more information on the Bridal Spectacular Wedding Experience please check the JMT Eventology blog.

JMT Eventology

Bridal Spectacular

Julie Reed Events 

Flora Couture by Floral 2000

 Naakiti Floral Design 

Sound Fusion Entertainment

Semper Fi Events 

Classical Entertainment 

Quest Drape 

JW Marriott

RSVP Party Rentals 

Jovani Linens

1st Impressions

LED Unplugged 

Gimme Some Sugar 

Champagne Creative Group 

Tuxedo Junction 

Bella Bridesmaid 

Couture Bride 

Amelia C 

DIGS Studios

Alt F 

Studio ATG 

John Morris 

Artistic Imaging 

Las Vegas VIP Limousines 

Lighten Films

Reverend Phil York

The International School for Hospitality

Aleksandra Tregub

Thank you again to all who made our wedding so magnificent.


Stacey, Rob, and Ace


Have a fabulous week my darlings!! Check again for all the news that’s fit to print, especially because V-Day is coming!! xoxo!


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