Things I want to talk about this week…

Good day mates! Another busy week at Enchanted is coming to a close, which means another busy week is beginning. Ahhhhh, that’s my little OMG Valentines is coming! As a newbie to the floral world, I’m realizing this is like the last week of pledging the sorority known as Enchanted Florist. Hours of sleep will be lost as every gal in the shop works to get every rose, and every bloom looking its best!

1)     Soooo… on that note. Valentine’s Day is coming!! Have you ordered your arrangement from EFI? We have delicious Ethel M’s Chocolates, stunning florals, and totally awesome Jessica Galindo Leather Couture. Place your orders early!

2)     We would like to totally thank Vegas Seven for featuring our totally awesome shop, our fantastic punk rock staff, and the wonderful marriage of Stacey Reddick and Rob DeTie. We wanted to congratulate the happy couple and their beautiful baby boy Ace. Also we wanted to thank JMT Eventology and the brilliant Jeremy Morse for his Artistic Design on the wedding and the fabulous Michael Testagrossa of JW Marriott for organizing the entire wedding!

3)     First Friday is here! Happy February! I don’t know what you are planning on doing tonight, but if it doesn’t include heading down the Arts Factory to hear the Dirty Panties rock it, cancel! All of the Enchanted fairies want to see you tonight at First Friday!! Check out the little one with blue hair, she does weddings and she’s rockstar… I’m still trying to be that cool.


Have an Enchanted weekend! Check in next week for 2 more fabulous Vendor Spotlights!!!


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