Things on my mind today:

Hola blog! I am suffering from a bit of writers block today, but that won’t stop me from whispering sweet nothings to all of you. So we will delve into…

Things on my mind today:

Here comes the bridal show! This weekend Las Vegasbrides from all over will be headed to the CashmanCenter(850 N Las Vegas Blvd.)  for the 2012 Bridal Spectacular. The fairies will be rocking out booth 506! Be sure to stop by for a look at the latest and most fabulous floral and décor for 2012. show will be open January 20th and 21st, Friday from 6pm – 10pm, and Saturday 11am – 5pm. Prepare to be inspired!

The fabulous Beni Velasquez, Executive Chef of Bar+Bistro at the Arts Factory (  will be appearing on the hit Food Network Show “Chopped” next week. “Chopped” is a cooking competition where Chefs from around the country compete in a series of elimination rounds creating an appetizer, entrée, and dessert with a new basket of mystery ingredients each round. Out of the final two chefs who compete in the dessert round, one is crowned the winner. Tonight there will be a Latin Band accompanied by the Chef himself! Head down to the Arts Factory for fun and dancing as local filming is done for “Chopped”! Check out the floral by Enchanted!


Golden Globes… OBSESSED.  So many spectacular fashion moments were had. The red carpet sizzled!  So I found  TWO fabulous blog posts this morning by Wedding Channel, ugh translating red carpet glam to wedding day couture is too thrilling.  From Julie Bowens princess moment, to a few spectacular nude illusions (Lea Michelle dazzled), and topped off with tulle, ruffles, and architectural elements (Sofia Vergara was flawless).  Each (well almost each) gown was beyond BANANAS! Read the posts, be inspired.

Amaluna! The brand new love story by Cirque du Soleil has been revealed. A trying love story, jam packed with shipwrecks, lovers, and goddesses it promises to be another fascinating spectacle. I can’t lie whenever I see a Cirque show, I spend the next two days contemplating what those acrobats eat and how are they so flexible and strong. It will be opening in Canada; however I’m sure it won’t take too long to get to Vegas! Check it out here.

Dennis Aldridge of the Coast 2 Coast Sports Academy delivered the most incredibly delicious cookies to the fairies today! Coast 2 Coast is an organization that brings recreational sports to children ages 3-15. Dedicated to helping children develop lifelong skills through team sports, Coast 2 Coast assists with food drives and after school programs for children in need as well. This fabulous organization raises money by selling the most AMAZING chocolate chip cookies I have had in a very long time, definitely better than anything my Mom could make (even though it is her birthday, I have to be honest). Learn more about Coast 2 Coast and get involved.

Valentines Day is approaching! I personally CANNOT WAIT to bring a box of tissues and cry for 2ish hours through the new Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum film, The Vow.  HOWEVER it is not too early to start thinking about all of the fabulous things you can send your Valentine. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, and fabulous leather jewelry by Jessica Galindo will be flying off of the shelves at Enchanted Florist. Make sure to order early! Stunning shades of pink, red, purple, ivory can certainly brighten your sweetheart’s day. So hop to it chap!

WILD. JUST WILD. Craziest shoes I’ve seen… maybe ever.

Have you seen the Five Finger Shoes? They are slowly but surely creeping up everywhere. Not just on the occasional daredevil. So I gave in and tried them on, weird. Like VERY weird. Do you wear them? Do you love them? I definitely think if you have long toes it is a bonus. But personally, my toes like eachother and I dont think separating them is a trend that I’m so on board with. Here Shailene Woodley wore them to a Golden Globes after party… not sure what I think.  But I love a girl who values comfort with her couture!

Finally I am SOOO pumped about Gordon Ramsay’s first Vegas restaurant opening at The Paris! I simply adore him.  Here is an article from the Casino City Times on the opening.

Happy Monday darlings! I will be in touch soon!!


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