Things I’m obsessed with this week…

FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO WON A 2012 BRIDES CHOICE AWARD. But the fairies are SUPER excited to announce that for the 4th year in a row we are a Brides Choice WINNER! SO FABULOUS! Thank you to all of our amazing brides and friends who support us! We love you!

Ok so. It is a quiet day at the shop. Did you check out the fabulous Winter Wonderland at First Friday? If you weren’t there and you are wondering why… well make sure to follow us on twitter @_Enchanted_, like us on Facebook, and join our mailing list for all of the fairy’s news and updates


Alright where were we: right! Things I’m obsessed with…

1) Gearing up for Valentines Day, fun fact ROSES ARE OUT of season on February 14th.  Dear Cupid, Poor planning. Love, the Fairies. So instead of roses, get more bang for your buck and consider a fabulous arrangement with tulips, sunflowers, hydrangea, and more!

2) All things vegan. The one man fairy on our team is giving a crack at a vegan lifestyle this week. Although his carnivorous cravings may be starting to get the best of him, the vegan movement is way popular at EFI. So if you are interested our very own Abby has created her own site dedicated to bettering your body and soul, check it out at

3) Golden Spoon, the super fabulous frozen yogurt place, has a graham cracker flavored yogurt. To say it is epic is really not doing it justice. Fun fact: Google Golden Spoon coupons and find great deals in your area.

4) TV IS BACK! I don’t know about you but I have missed my shows. I’m soooo over holiday specials. I love “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Elf” just as much as the next gal. But I needed my fix from Grey’s Anatomy this week… and it was EPIC. I’m so thankful that my Tivo is filling up! What shows are you excited about in 2012? I just tried Justified… I’m a little lost. SO thrilled about Debra Messing’s return in the all new “Smash”.

5)  Colored wedding gowns are my new favorite trend. The stunning mix of color and architectural elements are beyond brilliant. Here are stunning gowns by Chrissy Wai-Ching and seen in Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. Check them out here Another trend that is white hot, are Vera Wang’s BLACK wedding gowns. Here is a post from the Marquis of Fashion The mix of ebony satin, taffeta, and tulle is epic, creating a sense of sexual, sensual, mystery, and more. The wedding apparel is a choice that is the most epic fashion moment in a woman’s life. Clearly it is a time to be bold, beautiful, and all things fabulous! Now for my favorite trend in wedding gowns of 2012: BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH! I am completely bananas for the blush wedding gowns. Here is an article from Belle the Magazine I love the softness and romance evoked from the hint of pink. LOVE.

6)  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Is it time to stop saying that? What is the etiquette? Is there a day when we are too far into the new year to stop wishing it? I really don’t know. But I LOVE saying “Happy New Year” it’s an exciting wish filled with hope and wonder for what 2012 could bring. Ok, personal decision… I’m rockin the “Happy New Year” to Valentines. Or until people give me weird looks… either/or.

7) Time for the 7th inning stretch.  #21 on the Billboard charts is Jessie J’s “Domino”. Its my new favorite song to rock  out and work out too. It makes you push a littler harder in spin class…. trust me (my sore muscles are evidence).   Now get up and shake it out get rid of the Monday’s

8) A daily tradition at Enchanted Florist is my rant of the day. Every morning I discuss the world events that are irritating, frustrating, or simply mind boggling. For example during the holiday season, I had a really difficult time understanding antlers and noses on cars… actually I still don’t get it.  But having a moment every morning where you purge these thoughts gives you the chance to go into your day with a little bit more clarity. I highly recommend it to all.

9) Leather certainly has a reputation. The magnificent Jessica Galindo of Leather Couture came in to the shop today. Amazing work. Fun and whimsy will be hitting the shelves of EFI in our Valentines Day specials when you can get one of a kind Jessica Galindo rings and bracelets. You can check out her work at Totally obsessed right now, she is so joyful and brought a fun break to our Monday morning.


10) Last but certainly not least, #10. The Holiday Season Movie spectacular at a theater near you. Ok so I haven’t seen everything that is out, but I am excited about what I have seen. Muppets, Hugo, Sherlock Holmes, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and The Descendants. None of which disappointed. I LOVED The Descendants, not what I expected… I’ll preface with that. However I found the story moving, emotional, complex, and sprinkled with a few good laughs. Go see it, you will be glad you did. And George Clooney… too old to be my next boyfriend? Age is just a number, right? Ok and finally for the last part of my cinematic update, TITANIC IS BACK AND IN 3D. Many of you have probably seen the preview. I’m literally squealing with excitement whenever I think about it. I can’t bore you with my leo-bsession, thats TMI for a Monday morning.

Ok bloggies, I am off to the world of flora and fauna, a land filled with brides and bundles of fun. Have a fabulous week. Happy New Year. Check back soon for more of my wit and joy that I sprinkle upon you all.


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