Eat, drink, and be scary!!!

Happy Halloween Readers!! I must say I totally LOVE this holiday. Well every year except the one where I came home from school and my bowl of trick or treated candy was replaced with apples…

Pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and witches will fill the streets tonight. As scary and spooky as the end of October seems, the fairies at Enchanted still managed 3 completely FABULOUS weddings, one mega corporate event, and 2 Halloween Spooktaculars!


Herbalife: Last week Sin City, the MGM, and the Cosmopolitan hosted one of Herbalife’s three regional Extravaganzas. It was the only one in the US. Herbalife ( is a global brand focused on improving nutrition and lifestyles all around the world. Hundreds of centerpieces and bouquets left the shop over the course of the week. Stunning roses added an elegance to the renewing and refreshing feel of the Herbalife event.

Perfect Wedding Guide’s Crystal Ball:

May you wander over the face of the earth forever, never sleep twice in the same
bed, never drink water twice from the same well, and never cross the same river
twice in a year. – Traditional Gypsy Curse

Hippies, Witches, and Gypsies filled the Copa Room last Wednesday night for the Perfect Wedding Guide Crystal Ball. It was a blast to be able to work with the brilliant Karli from PWG ( and the awesomely creative Deborah from Pin Up Bride (  Dawn from Shutterbooth (, Memory Lane Video (,  and Alicia from Orange Soda Photography ( were able to capture so many priceless moments. Kevin with LED Unplugged ( made the room shine, and Jessica from The Girl Who Drew You ( created fun caricatures that kept guests laughing all night. Check out the gypsy in the corner…. She looks very familiar.


Tombalakian Wedding: When Celia emailed me asking to add bits of lace and satin from her dress to her bouquet, I was immediately excited and so inspired! The ribbon collar and lace stem wrap was stunning! There was definitely a romantic and antique feel to both the bouquet and the boutonniere.  It was such a pleasure to work with Andrea from Eppolito Events ( on this elegant affair.


Owens/Shull Wedding: Amber Owens and Michael Shull got hitched this weekend at the Las Vegas Mandarin Oriental ( Jessica Yip and her team are such a joy to work with, we always know that everything will be perfectly organized and every detail will be fabulous! A sea of romantic red and black magic roses were complimented with rhinestone accents to truly set the mood. Black chandeliers along with black and red satin certainly made the chuppah pop at this Jewish ceremony. Every detail exuded elegance, class, and romance at the stunning event. Black Chicken Photography ( was on hand to make sure every spectacular moment was well documented.



Another week is starting here at Enchanted! We have 4 weddings, a 60th birthday party, and tons of new brides coming in! Stay tuned for updates on all of the fun and fabulous creations leaving the shop this week! Have a fabulous Halloween!!!

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