“…it was a graveyard smash!”

Good morning blog! Ok so if you caught on to my Halloween reference, YAY!

If not check this out….

But that is totally not the point! Rissa and the Scheme Events Team (http://www.schemeevents.com/) and Enchanted Florist’s collaboration on the Dead Hollywood installation was absolutely a graveyard smash. We brought Hollywood to Vegas in a most haunting way! The completely brilliant tombstones and ghost dresses certainly made this lawn a little spookier.  Here is a sneak peek at the event, more photos to come soon! Special thanks to EFI’s very own Lauren Bonner for her artistic brilliance!

Halloween is right around the corner, and the stunning shades of autumn are in abundance in our shop. We can add pumpkins, bats, spiders, and more to your next arrangement. Don’t forget to order a Halloween treat to show your favorite ghosts and goblins just how much you care!

I will again beg for your comments, wants, desire, and interests… well the ones that are pertinent to this blog. I want you, the readers, to love what you are reading as much as I am loving writing for you! Let me know so I can keep it jazzy!


One thought on ““…it was a graveyard smash!”

  1. I can’t stop loving those ghost dresses. So unbelievable. Enchated Florist is amazing!

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