Monday Funday at Enchanted!

We are kicking off our blog with a brand spankin new weekly post. Each Monday we will re-cap the events from the past week with photos, details, and so much more!  This weekend we had the Hubertz, Foley, Tribe, and Rudolph weddings. Each wedding had a totally unique style with completely brilliant floral… if I do say so myself!

Hubertz/Melton: Stunning shades of plum and gray set the scene for Valerie and Gary’s nuptuals this weekend. The gorgeous orchids , rhinestone accented calla lilys, and stunning roses were put together to make amazing bouquets, bouts, and corsages that will not soon be forgotten!

Tribe/Visser: TPC Las Vegas ( set the scene with the help of the amazing Keri Macanas. The beautiful spider mum centerpieces were so classy and certainly set the tone for the evening. Purple has definitely been a popular color this year for weddings, and the fabulous arch spray was beyond perfectly purple! As always it was a pleasure to work with LED Unplugged ( and Kevin Cordova.


Shea Foley: Vegas came to life at Shea and Johnny’s wedding this weekend. Working with Sarah at LVCC (, we were able to create a totally retro Vegas inspired rockabilly feel to these “I Do’s”! Playing cards and dice added the final touches to truly genius bouts and bouquets!


Rudolph/Reyes: With the help of Gina, Red Rock Country Club ( was the best backdrop for the Rudolph/Reyes Wedding this past weekend. Blue Calla Lilys were not only stunning, breathtaking, and unique, but they made the Reyes wedding totally fantastic! From now on the bout will be the “Luis Especial” and we are referring to the blue callas as the “Nyssana Calla”. This couple was such a pleasure to work, they let our very own Lil Moe let her creative juices flow by designing the most fabulous blue calla florals this town has ever seen! Joyous Moments Photography ( captured the day on film, although it was truly unforgettable!


Check back every Monday for updates on our events! We will be blogging all sorts of goodies that you won’t want to miss out on! Follow us on Twitter (!/_Enchanted_) or like us on facebook ( so you will be in the loop on everything fabulous! Thanks for reading, please leave comments! I like to know what you want to read, gotta keep the blog jazzy!

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